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Is it time to upgrade your home? Whether your home is a bit older or a newer, we all have dreams of changing this, upgrading that or adding on to…

It starts with a home remodeling idea, then we sit down with you and map out those ideas.  We know what questions to ask when it comes to making a home remodeling decision. We stay up to date on the new trends and can also implement the “style” you are looking for once we get your ideas on paper. Whether you want a kitchen remodeled, a bathroom update, to take a wall down or put up a new wall,  install and reframe doors, or add a deck, or if it is as simple as adding a backsplash to the kitchen or bathroom, we are here to serve your needs.

With twenty years of experience in home remodeling construction, we continue to proudly serve our customers with top notch service.

Make Residential Improvement Doctor, LLC your choice for remodeling construction and we will provide you with modern design, ethical work, and professionalism that you will be happy with. It is part of our job and duty to exceed your expectations and offer you the type of customer service that you deserve.

We are willing to consider any remodeling construction tasks that you have in mind. Our network of professionals is extensive, we have specialty tools, and the resources that will allow us to provide any remodeling construction services that you may need. RID carries a longstanding reputation for integrity. We do our homework to ensure we have acquired all permits and arrange for any inspections relating to the work at hand. The team has been properly trained to do the right thing and follow through with each task to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

With any remodel or repair, anything that we see as an underlying issue, we will bring it to your attention and discuss a resolution for the issue. As an example: You hired us to repair a wet area on Dry Wall that was due to a leak. When we took the drywall out to repair, we discovered a 2×4 that was wet and had started to rot. We would address this with you immediately and recommended to repair the 2×4 also. These issues are rare, however they do happen and we discuss them with you before we repair it.

Upon completion of a project, we will do a thorough walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. We believe communication during all projects is of utmost importance.

At Residential Improvement Doctor, we treat your home like it’s our own with our professional home remodeling services.

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Home Remodeling

Is it time to upgrade your home? Whether your home is new or older, we all have dreams of changing this, upgrading that or adding on


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