Fireplace Installation and Repair


Whether you are looking to build a fireplace in an existing home or need a fireplace renovation, Residential Improvement Doctor can help.

A fireplace can beautify your home. It adds a cozy and warm feeling to the area of the home, whether it is in the living area or a bedroom. Don’t already have a fireplace and want to add a fireplace to the house. Let us help with the fireplace installation.  912-445-5329

But first let’s talk about the options.

Handyman Fireplace Repair and Remodel

This is for homeowners who already have a fireplace in their home but want to remodel or repair it to make it look modern. What we look at first is the safety aspect of the current fireplace. We listen to your ideas and document what you are wanting to do. We may make suggestions based on our experience as a handyman for fireplace renovations. Below you can take a look at our latest fireplace renovation.

In this build, there were multiple steps. There was a door that was to the right of the fireplace that the homeowner wanted closed off, because in the end they wanted a fireplace in the center and built-in bookshelves on each side, which we are working on. The images show the fireplace completed without the bookshelves. We used stone surrounding the fireplace with a marble hearth and wood mantle. 

Fireplace Remodel


Picture of Fireplace Before Renovation



Fireplace during renovation



During fireplace renovation and closing in the side door



Fireplace renovation almost finished




Fireplace renovation and door closed up finished




How much does it cost to renovate a fireplace?

As you see in the build above, there were multiple things the homeowner wanted. The best way to get an accurate price, because each job is different, is to set an appointment so we can see what work needs to be done. The cost of a fireplace is a hard question to answer, until we know what the homeowner is wanting, the cost of material, and the work involved.  

Simplest and Most Cost-Effective Way to add a Fireplace to an Existing Home

We are often asked, how much does it cost to add a fireplace to an existing house? The simplest and most cost-effective way to add a fireplace to an existing home is to use an electric fireplace insert. You still get the cozy, warm feeling without the messiness of a traditional fireplace. The perks of having an electric fireplace are that it doesn’t need tending, nor do you have to worry about ashes.

There are various types of electric fireplace inserts that range from a simple design to very elaborate ones and any home can have one of these fireplaces built, as long as there is space. As far as pricing, as we stated above each job is unique, therefore you can set an appointment today to get an estimate of a fireplace installation. On the plus side, most home remodeling projects can add value to your home. 

Take a look at the build below we did for a homeowner on a bare wall. We added a frame, insert, and a mantel. This homeowner wanted to use shiplap for the backing of the fireplace. We think it turned out beautiful and so did the homeowner.

Electric Fireplace Installation


Handyman electric fireplace installation start of project




Handyman electric fireplace installation Framing the fireplace




Handyman electric fireplace installation Framing the fireplace




Handyman electric fireplace installation





Handyman electric fireplace installation Finished project





Hiring a Handyman for Fireplace Installation or Remodel

Wanting a handyman for fireplace remodel or installation of a fireplace, give Residential Improvement Doctor a call. We stand behind our work. Once we are finished, you can rest assured your job has been done with care and quality work. We treat your home like it was our own.

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