In the video above we demonstrate what it looks like to properly prep a shower for tile and below we go over how to install tile in a bathroom shower.

I have seen installations that are incorrect.  The cause of the damage could be extensive.  As a homeowner myself, I know how important it is to see and have a job done correctly.  Normally, you do not realize the damage it has caused until the damage has occurred.  Improper installation will cause moisture, water or mold behind the walls that are not visible. I have completed many repairs due to water damage, from flooring to interior and exterior walls, leaking bathroom showers and more.

In many cases, I have seen wire mesh used instead of a backer board, the installer who chooses mesh is using it to cut costs, which is NOT the right thing to do. The proper way to water proof a shower would be to use backer board with a membrane sealer. Because there’s a difference between waterproof and water resistant.

how to install tile in a bathroom shower

There are many steps when installing tile in a shower.

  • Make sure all walls and corners are square.
  • Install backer board on the walls, sealing the seams and corners. (All backer board should be held off the bottom shower flooring up 3 inches all the way around)
  • Install the shower liner. A shower liner proper installation: A shower liner should be attached to the drain that is in the center of the shower on the floor.  After  attaching the shower liner, spread it out evenly on the bottom flooring, then it should go up the wall at least 6 inches, folding each corner don’t cut the corner (fold it). Use a nails to secure the liner to studs on wall.
  • Installing a proper slope to drain.  After installing the shower liner properly, mix up enough Quikrete sand topping mix (dry mix).  Note:  Make sure you put a cloth in drain before installing Quikrete to drain.  Next, allowing a 1/4 inch slope per foot to drain.  You can go more, but not less.  After completing that step, pack evenly with trowel or float.  Let stand 24 hours to dry. You can also do this before you put your liner down

After following the steps above, you are ready to tile.

  • Make sure you have the proper lay out for the tile you are using and don’t forget to add in space for the grout lines throughout the design.
  • After laying the design out, it is time to start tiling.
  • Mix up a batch of thin set and spread evenly, lay the tile and do not cover the lines you marked for keeping tile even and square.
  • Once finished laying the tile, allow the tile to dry for 24 hours.
  • After tile has set for 24 hours, it’s time to mortar the joints. There are different techniques to installing mortar joints; either with a trial (Caution: make sure you do scratch tile) or using your hand (wearing a latex glove because you don’t want the lime that is in the mortar contacting your skin). Use a damp sponge and cleaning the tiles as you go. After finishing, let stand for 48 hours then seal properly.

Now if you have to paint the bathroom because of the the work, make sure you know what kind of paint to use in the bathroom for optimal results.

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