Many homeowners may attempt to pour their own concrete walkway. While some do master it, some may fall short by not following the proper steps.  For walkways you have many options, so choosing the best for your home is where the handyman experts at RID can help. 

We will look at the area and let you know based on location, slope and other details what would be the best for you and if we come to the conclusion that a concrete walkway is suitable then we can move forward. 

We’d like to cover some of the advantages of a concrete walkway. 

It’s flexible

What we mean by this is that you can shape it anyway you want.  If you need a curved walkway or one with turns, we can make that happen for you. It is the most versatile material to use for walkways at the most affordable price. 

It is long-lasting

A concrete walkway will last for years, when poured correctly. It may still be standing the test of time& weather way after you are no longer in the house. Concrete has proven its durability, which makes it the perfect candidate.

It’s cost efficient

When you price out the cost of a concrete walkway, you will find it is much less expensive than other material available for the walkways.  Whether you are a homeowner needing a walkway to your front door or a business needing to lower your cost, concrete’s versatility just makes sense for the money. 

Personalize it

One great benefit of using concrete is that you can do may alterations to it. It can be colored or you can add stamping to it to make it look like tile, brick, rocks or other various patterns. This can really help the beauty of a home or the curb appeal to a business. 

Home with Concrete Walkway

Decide what you like

The biggest decision is deciding what you will like and that it matches your home. You can do a google search for different concrete patterns, shapes, and colors. It can even be stained! So deciding what you want may be the biggest decision. 

At RID, we have had many years of experience laying concrete, so we can help you decide what will be best for you cost wise and design wise. You may decide that original concrete is what you want and that is okay too, but if you want something a little more fancy, without the enormous cost, a stamped or stained concrete walkway may be good for you.

Need some advice of help on starting and finishing a concrete project? 


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