This project was to build an extension off the back screened in patio. We chose stepping stones to build the platform for the patio extension. These are similar to building a patio extension with pavers, but the stepping stones are larger. Of course one can try to build these on their own, often when we go into a homeowners house and they have tried to do such a large job, they have missed some of the impotant steps we know is important. 

While creating, we used a different technique that we’ve never used before and it turned out really good and stable. 

You could use an extension like this for gatherings, kids play area, add a move around fire pit and enjoy the cool winter nights, and so much more. This is a great alternative to building a deck.

It’s a great way to have an outside bbq area. With a patio this size, your imagination is the limit.  No matter the time of year, a patio like this can be enjoyed. Need other home improvements? Call on us today!



Handyman job custom back patio

When the spring and summer roll around, many homeowners start to think about outdoor activities and home improvement. With the weather starting to become more beautiful after a drab winter, they often think of adding on to their back yard. A back patio or deck may be a great opportunity.

These Are Some of The Benefits of Adding A Patio to Your Home

There are many benefits of adding a deck, patio, or porch to your home.  Some of the benefits include:

The increase of value in your home

When you add a patio or deck on to your home you will benefit financially if you ever decide to sell. Most homeowners recoup 70% of the cost to build the patio, deck, or porch after they have sold the home.

Boosting of your curb appeal and charm of your home

When looking to build a deck, patio, or porch on to your home you should always consider adding details and landscape that complement your home. Many homeowners decide to match the railing of their deck to their window shutters to make it more appealing but still natural.

Entertaining space

Patios provide extra room to entertain during all seasons. They are great to host birthday parties, barbecues, and any other outdoor event that you would want to have.

Low Maintenance

Patios, decks, and porches are meant to be constructed with durable materials which make them extremely low maintenance when maintaining, and cleaning, but last a long time.

Save Money in Home Additions

Many outdoor spaces are a great option to add to your house without having to invest in carpet, plumbing, bathroom fixtures, and other remodeling projects that make adding on to your home very pricey.


When adding a patio, it offers a lot of functionality to you home. Whether your wanting to grill or do DIY projects you will find a covered patio useful all year round.

Peace and Quiet

It offers a great escape. Many homeowners have found that on a nice day, a patio or deck can double as an outdoor office. Its also provides a great place to decompress after a long day at work.

4 Seasons Compatible

Having a patio, porch, or deck that is covered is always beneficial due to the fluctuating weather. A shaded patio area can protect you from future eye and skin damage due to the sun, it also provides a cooler spot to rest when outside.

Offers Outdoor Comfort 

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, then you know that the amenities that you proved can take your party up a notch. You can get the same comfort as being inside when your patio is enclosed and covered, but you are able to experience the benefits from being outdoors and not cooped up in the house.

Upgrade Your Home 

Your home reflects your lifestyle… inside and out. By adding a patio, porch, deck or replacing a worn existing one with a new one is a great home improvement project that will boost the value and curb appeal of your current home. We only use quality long lasting building materials. There is no better time than now to get started on building it now.

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