A client had contacted us because her son had no closet space. As we went into her son’s bedroom, Michael noticed a small attic door. He looked in there and told her that he could convert this unused space into a closet. In many of the 2 story homes built in the area, they have an attic space with a small access door.

Michael quoted a price for converting attic space to a closet and she asked, when can you start?



With converting the space into a closet, the only concern was keeping the space cool. The steps were fairly simple. We framed the space, including adding a larger door that had to be cut down a little bit in order to fit the space, installed an insulation that would keep the heat out, installed dry wall, painted and added hardwood floors. After that we added wire shelving, giving them the ability to hang clothes or use for stacking and storing items.


This is the first time we had heard of an attic being converted into a closet.  If you have an attic full of junk that you no longer need, then the first step would be to hire a removals company that can haul off all of your unwanted items. If it is sitting empty and more like wasted space, call us today and we will convert your attic into a usable cool space

The client was completely satisfied and remarked that this was the best closet in the house!

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