Summer is here and it is time to listen to your inner handyman voice telling you to bring on the home improvement projects! If you are tired of your backyard view being blocked or difficulty going in and out, installing or replacing a sliding glass door should be at the top of your list. After reading the 5 benefits of installing a sliding glass door below, you will wonder why you haven’t had a back door replacement sooner!

1. Visibility

Don’t cover up your view with old, solid doors; give your backyard the recognition it deserves! With this newfound visibility, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors from inside, too. Rain or shine, hot or cold, you will never feel closed up indoors with this floor to ceiling view.
As if the vast view wasn’t aesthetic enough, think of the natural light you’ll be bringing indoors. No artificial light can compare to the natural light that can only be achieved through glass doors.

2. Traffic Flow

If you have a large family, like to entertain or have pets, your flow of traffic is about to get much smoother with a sliding glass door. No yield sign necessary! These doors are very durable and easy to use making outside just as important as in. No need to check behind you or hold the door open for a guest. Once this door is in place, it isn’t going anywhere. Leave it open or slide it shut, going from inside to outside and back again with a crowd just got much simpler.

3. Space

Trying to make your space appear larger than what it is? Put the mirror aside and install a sliding glass door! Other doors cause obstructed views but with glass, you have the illusion of literally looking through a wall.

Aside from the illusions, you are physically saving space, too. If you are one that likes to leave the doors open in nice weather, you will be amazed at the space you save by not having a door left swinging into your home. A sliding glass door neatly tucks within itself.

4. Energy Efficiency

These doors may have gotten a bad reputation in the past when it comes to energy, but with new designs they are more efficient than ever before! Adding additional paneling inside the door or looking at insulation options are good places to start. Be sure to speak with a professional when making these decisions.

In the cooler months you will really save on the utility bill. Do you ever open windows for free, natural airflow? Just thinking about opening an entire set of doors! In addition to saving some money, you will also enjoy the fresh smell and feel of this ritual!

5. Appearance

Sliding glass doors have a certain elegance to them. They are sleek, simple and clean from the outside and provide natural beauty when looking from the inside. These doors come in many styles ensuring that there is one that will suit your home like no door has before!

Is it time to replace your existing sliding glass door?

As the doors in your house age, it is likely that they are not as secure as they once were. Replacing doors of any kind from time to time make them much more reliable guaranteeing they have a proper seal, lock well, are energy efficient and more. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when evaluating when the right time is to replace your existing sliding glass door:

  •  Is my door difficult to open and close?
    • A sliding door operate on rollers that are fixed on either side. If your door is not opening smoothly, it is likely that the rollers are broken or dirty. This may require careful cleaning or replacement.
  • Is the glass damaged or cracked? 
    • Even minor cracks and scratches should be addressed sooner than later when it comes to your glass door. These problems enhance quicker than you may think leading to larger cracks, fog, air leakage or shattering.
  • Do I feel a draft?
    • Sliding glass doors should fit snug when closed. If you feel a draft, there is probably a small gap between the door and the wall. If this is the situation, you are losing money on your utility bill!
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